Hydrogeologic Services

GeoDesign has expanded our hydrogeologic services in the area of integrated water resources management. Through this work, we will be helping our clients to manage and develop groundwater and related resources in a way that ensures economic efficiency and sustainability.

GeoDesign offers hydrogeologic services that support:

  • Hydrogeologic baseline assessments, aquifer evaluations, groundwater management and sustainability plans, basin-wide studies, watershed management plans, groundwater/surface water interaction studies, and collaboration with our in-house geotechnical services for design/build of wetland/riparian restorations.
  • Mine closures, construction dewatering, water right acquisitions, water right valuations, development agreements for water rights holders, and negotiations with state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Wellfield protection programs, well engineering, wellfield design strategies, well performance testing, well rehabilitation, aquifer recharge, aquifer storage and recovery programs, and sole source aquifer protection.

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