Former Foundry Property, Portland, Oregon


GeoDesign helped assess potential risks related to residual wastes and contamination in a former foundry facility acquired by the City of Portland. Specifically, we were asked to assess potential risks to personnel at the nearby Water Bureau who would assist with transporting equipment off-site.

We performed certified industrial hygiene (CIH) services and a hazardous building materials survey. Over the course of this project, we:

  • identified methods to assess equipment surfaces for potential contaminants
  • oversaw sample collection and compared the laboratory results to Occupational Health and Safety Administration criteria and US Environmental Protection Agency regulations
  • made recommendations to the City regarding protective gear that Water Bureau personnel should use when handling the equipment and work procedures to minimize exposure


  • Our fast-track services supplied the City with information to assess potential risks related to hazardous waste and contaminated equipment.
  • Due to our staffing flexibility, we were able to meet the City’s schedule and stay within budget, despite the large size of the project and number of materials requiring testing.


CIH services, hazardous building materials survey, lead-based paint survey, asbestos-containing materials survey