Bellevue High School Modernization, Bellevue, Washington


GeoDesign provided environmental and geotechnical services during the replacement of Bellevue High School, which included construction of a new classroom and administration building. We also performed a limited subsurface investigation at the school’s Automotive Technical Center, where we evaluated potential subsurface impacts from an underground storage tank (UST) and other possible hazards. GeoDesign made recommendations for removal and disposal of contaminated soil.

Our geotechnical scope included:

  • a site reconnaissance
  • 20 exploratory borings
  • laboratory testing
  • engineering analyses

Construction involved significant geotechnical work, including:

  • drilled shafts
  • rammed aggregate piers
  • tie-back soldier pile shoring
  • a soil-nailed wall
  • design of a reinforced soil slope
  • on-site construction observation


In addition to performing the above services, GeoDesign worked with civil and structural engineers to provide a reinforced soil slope alternative instead of a gravity retaining wall. This resulted in significant cost savings and a shorter construction schedule.


Geotechnical, environmental, slope stability, erosion control, drilled shafts, rammed aggregate piers, tie-back soldier piles, soil-nailed wall design, construction observation