Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA


Since 2012, GeoDesign has worked on site improvements for Aquarium of the Pacific, including geotechnical services for the retail expansion, satellite retail, and front expansion projects.

Each project included the use of deep foundations to support additions to this world-renowned Long Beach aquarium. The existing aquarium is supported on stone-column improved soils; however, the use of stone columns to support additions was not feasible, as their installation would damage the existing structure. GeoDesign developed customized and creative deep foundation design solutions for the retail expansion and satellite retail projects, resulting in substantial cost savings for the owner.

In addition to these projects, GeoDesign also provided geotechnical design recommendations for the outdoor jellies tank, including seismic design parameters and grading recommendations.


GeoDesign has been involved in numerous improvements to the Aquarium, working with project teams to enhance the visitor experience to this park.


geotechnical, seismic design, grading recommendations, deep foundation design