Meet the difference-makers at GeoDesign.

You’ll immediately notice that the difference-makers at GeoDesign are the people we employ. Whether we’re in the office, in the field, or doing something fun off-hours, we believe in a collaborative, positive environment.

GeoDesign, Inc. offers a team of highly trained experts. With over 90 dedicated engineers, geologists, technical personnel, and administrative staff, we have the expertise to provide extensive support, constructive communication, and consultation – with the highest quality results.

Scott Mills, PE, GE, LG, LHG

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

George Saunders, PE, GE

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Jeffery Tucker, PE, GE

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Brett Shipton, PE, GE

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Lon Yandell, RG, LG, LHG

Principal Environmental Geologist

Jason O’Donnell, RG, LG

Principal Environmental Geologist

Colby Hunt, CHMM

Principal Environmental Consultant

Kevin Lamb, PE, LEG

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Shawn Dimke, PE, GE

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Roy Garrison

Principal Mining Consultant

Erick Staley, CEG, RG, LEG

Principal Mining & Engineering Geologist

Krey Younger, PE, GE

Senior Associate Pavement Engineer

Nick Paveglio, PE

Senior Associate Geotechnical Engineer

Erik Hedberg, PE, CWRE

Associate Engineer

Michael Coenen, PE

Associate Environmental Engineer

Najib Kalas, PE

Associate Geotechnical Engineer

John Gannon

Marketing Manager

Sarah Kelley

Technical Researcher & Digital Content Specialist