Project Tour: McMenamins Harbor Lodge

Posted on June 10, 2019

With the opening of McMenamins Harbor Lodge in Kalama, Washington last year, the Pacific Northwest can enjoy a Hawaiian-inspired experience on the beautiful Kalama waterfront. It’s always exciting to see a project in its completed stage, especially when your work involves the very early stages of a development (as ours often does).

In 2016, we prepared a geotechnical report for the site, after conducting a site reconnaissance and reviewing existing geotechnical information. Included in the report were foundation design recommendations, stone column ground improvement recommendations, and updated seismic design parameters. We later provided geotechnical construction observation services for the site, which opened to the public in spring of 2018.

Last week, some of our team members from different offices met to tour the finished project and enjoy lunch with a view of the water – and, as an added bonus, it also happened to be a beautiful day! The food was fantastic, and the building is amazing (McMenamins is known for its beautifully quirky design details, and the Harbor Lodge is no exception). We even found one of the famous McMenamins “secret rooms” (with maybe just a little bit of help from staff).

Check out our gallery below for more unique details from the Harbor Lodge.